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Live Boricua – Discover Puerto Rico


It’s time to book Puerto Rico. To immerse in simple pleasures, dramatic sunsets, and numerous ways to embrace nature. It’s time for warm welcomes and ice-cold piña coladas. As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico offers the allure of an exotic locale with a rich, vibrant culture and unparalleled natural offerings, without needing a passport or currency exchange. Accessibility to the Island has never been easier, with direct flights from domestic locations like New York, Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta, and Detroit, to name a few.

Lodging options range from luxurious beachfront resorts to magical historic inns, and everything in between. High standards of health and safety have been imp...

Greece Travel Guide


The top five reasons to go to Cancún (besides the obvious one!)

The top five reasons to go to Cancún (besides the obvious one!) Okay, you don’t really need five reasons to go to Cancún. One should suffice: the beach in this city, if you’ve ever seen photos of it! But here are five reasons more that you should be packing your bags and setting out on a trip to the glorious Mexican Caribbean:
1. Check out – or, better yet, check into – the Moon Palace: one of the region’s top ten beach resorts, and all-inclusive to boot. Swimming pools? How about ten. Places to eat? The resort has a good twenty. Golf? Check. Spas? There are several. When you come to Cancún, you’re going to be at a premiere spot right ...

Shop Dubai’s souks

If you’ve ever heard of shopping in Dubai – or in much of the Arab world – the word “souk” is sure to have come up. “Souk” is just a word for an Arab market. And Dubai’s souks are incredible. Famed since the nineteenth century, the city’s souks – rather than oil – are what contributed to its vast wealth. In fact, it’s the only one of the seven emirates in the UAE that acquired its wealth from something other than oil!

Here are some of the must-see (and must-shop-at!) souks in Dubai:

● The Gold Souk is both the best known and the most popular of Dubai’s many souks. And, true to its name, gold is sold here. Along with ...

U.S. Coastline Cruising


Home to some of the most popular cities in the U.S., the Atlantic and Pacific coasts make for wonderful vacation spots and are totally cruise friendly. So pack your bags and prepare to say “bon voyage” as you set sail for one of these fabulous domestic destinations

Atlantic Coast

From sunny Florida to picturesque Maine, passengers who travel the Atlantic Coast will visit sleepy towns and famous cities, savor decedent seafood dishes of fresh lobster and clam chowder and enjoy stunning scenery along the way. Some of this route’s most iconic attractions include spooky Charleston, South Carolina; bustling New York City; historic Boston, MA; and Maine’s majestic Acadia Natio...

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