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​ "We Love The Time Freedom Evolution Travel Has Given Us To Travel More And Be With Family. This Year Alone We've Been To Hawaii. Jamaica, Las Vegas Several Times, L.A. And We'll Be Headed To St. Thomas In November! We Love The Fact That We Can Also Get Paid When Others Go On Vacation!" Derrick And Ayla Velasquez, 1 Star Platinums

Entrepreneur And Executive Assistant At Kaiser


"What Truly Stands Out The Most About Evolution Travel Is The Sense Of Belonging, The Feeling We Are Part Of A Family And Not Just A Company. You Feel Right At Home With Everyone!" 

Alex And Karen Caamano, Gold Consultants Marine Corps Veterans

​"As A Registered Nurse I Love The Tax Shelter That Owning A Home Based Business Provides Me. Now When I Travel I'm Able To Write Off A Portion Of My Vacations Too! I Love Evolution Travel!"

Janice Tovera, Gold Consultant Registered Nurse

"I Love Evolution Because Me And My Family Are Traveling Around The World With Awesome Discounts And Commissions. I Love Evolution Travel Because Of The Profit Sharing I Found Out That Profits Are Better Than Wages."  ​

Sonny And Jessica Ibay, Gold Consultants Toyota Technician And Registered Nurse

​"The Founder, Mr. David McCovy, Has Created A Culture Within Evolution Travel Where Everyone Wins! ​We Have A Team Of Travel Agents That Are Not Only Making Money By Booking Travel But Also Making The Most Residual They've Ever Made Too!"

Blanch Domino-Bailey And Jesse Bailey, Gold Consultants Former Salon Business Owners

"We Love To Travel. Evolution Travel Provides Us With The Opportunity To Travel More, Spend Quality Time With The Family, And Travel At Insider Prices. In Addition, We Are Now Able To Take Advantage Of The Tax Benefits Of Owning A Business." 

Michael And Aileen Robles, Gold Consultants

Multi-Media Specialist And Senior Account Manager, Health Insurance

Enjoy Legal & Ethical Tax Benefits By Owning A Business. Many Tax Breaks Are Given To Home-Based Business Owners.  

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